Watch the free virtual Scottish premiere of Medicating Normal-The Film

Presented by PLUS Perth, Angus Voice and Dundee Healthy Minds Network

Medicating Normal is a new, unreleased documentary that examines the current paradigm of mental health treatment including overdiagnosis, overprescribing and polypharmacy.

The Logo of Angus Voice

Reducing Inequality, Isolation & Stigma

Together, as a collective advocacy, we aim to support & represent what matters to you; the Angus community.

What is Angus Voice?

Angus Voice represents the views and experiences of people in Angus who heave mental health problems.

Angus Voice is for and led by people who have personal experience of accessing mental health services. The aim is to build the capacity and involvement of people who use mental health services. It enables us to contribute to improving the services that affect us. The project does this by building partnerships and challenging stigma and discrimination.

What’s Going On In Your Area?

We have established a regular forum groups in Arbroath, Forfar and Montrose.
Please get in touch with us if you are interested in getting involved.

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Why is Angus Voice Important?

People with direct experience of mental health problems have a unique perspective and expertise. Collective advocacy is an opportunity to harness this expertise and use it to benefit and influence the ways in which mental health services in Angus are developed and run, to educate professionals and the public, and to empower and influence individual members’ lives.

In Partnership With

Angus Independent Advocacy
60 High St in Arbroath.