Angus Voice Members had a wonderful afternoon at Forfar Loch yesterday. The sun was shining, and the sailboats were dancing across the water as we lapped around the loch on our Sponsored Walk.


Rewind a couple of months back, and we had the pleasure of hosting two social work student placements for the University of Dundee. The placement worked two-ways; we learnt so much about social work courses, student services and the hopes of the next generation supporting mental health!

As part of our ongoing work challenging stigma and raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing in the community, we decided in honour of this, funds would be raised for free educational resources for young adults in Angus.

We shall collect all donations over the next few weeks and announce our grand total shortly. Thank you to all participants and especially our donors, whose contributions are invaluable.

And now, we rest our weary legs. Many thanks.