MHAW Picnic and Walk

Now the dust has settled we wanted to share some thoughts from Mental Health Awareness Week.

We enjoyed a lovely day for our part in Mental Health Awareness Week where we had a relaxing picnic in Forfar Community Garden, followed by a walk around the loch with our Forfar Walking Group.

“On Monday 13th I went along to station park for the are you okay event as part of mental health awareness week and had an amazing time it was very informative walking round the stalls and i had a blast taking part in the walking football matches and mingling with other people and organisations. Then on Thursday 16th i went along to the Forfar open gardens for a picnic with angus voice who i have recently became involved with as well as change mental health and coop wellbeing it was lovely chatting with different people and then we had a lovely walk around the loch afterwards it was an extremely enjoyable week and i am very glad to have taken part and gotten involved”

Angus Voice Member

“I really enjoyed event held at Community Open Garden with Angus Voice, Change Mental Health and Coop Member Pioneers. We had a lovely picnic and shared some good stories and chats together so very good for our mental health wellbeing. After this we went for a walk on a lovely day as part of Angus Voices walk. All in told a worthwhile day on Mental Health Awareness Week”

Angus Voice Member

A special thanks to the Co-op Member Pioneers, Change Mental Health and the Forfar Community Garden for their time, hospitality, good company and of course – the first strawberries of the summer!

Many thanks to all those in attendance and we look forward to more outdoor events throughout the summer.