Our Impact

We meet regularly with the managers of the mental health services in Angus, to raise any questions or difficulties people have with services. We also contribute to the Strategic Planning meetings.

In Spring of 2016, it was announced that the Mulberry Unit was going to close.   As we had been spending time supporting and building the confidence of people who use that service, we were able to bring people together very quickly. We are now involved in detailed discussions about the future arrangements.

These are some of the issues that we are working on:

  • Day time activities for people who are inpatients at the Mulberry Unit
  • Arrangements for people who smoke when they receive hospital care
  • Support for people with mental health problems who are parents
  • Contributing the views of people who use services to staff training
  • Contributing to the Scottish Government’s new national Mental Health Strategy
  • Finding out about ways to reduce social isolation and loneliness for people who have mental health problems.