Our Partners

Together, as a collective advocacy, we aim to support & represent what matters to you; the Angus community. Reducing inequality, isolation & stigma.

Angus Voice is funded by Angus Health and Social Care Partnership, who have a long term commitment to involving people who use mental health services.

We work in partnership with Angus Independent Advocacy and with the ways service users contribute to organisations that provide mental health services.
We work with the other projects that give a voice to people who use mental health services in other parts of Tayside.

Angus Voice has been developed through a partnership between the Health and Social Care Partnership, Community Enterprise and Outside the Box.

Community Enterprise is Scotland’s most responsive and effective provider of highly skilled support, helping communities and social enterprises to turn great ideas into reality. They are helping us plan for the future.

Outside the Box provides development support to groups and people across Scotland who want to make a difference in their communities. They bring an in-depth understanding of user involvement.

They are a both social enterprise and 100% of their profits are re-invested in supporting the further growth and development of communities across Scotland.