We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon as part of the Health and Well-being Day; reunited with fellow organization’s and charities throughout Angus and also making some new acquaintance’s.


As part of our commitment to share the voice of Angus, we used this opportunity to hear the thoughts and opinions of the community. A member of Angus Voice raised by a few key questions that are particularly current at this time.

We would like to share with you some comments that were expressed on the day by the general public, and we would encourage our members to continue to comment below:

How should we challenge mental health stigma?

  • “Quicker access in times of emergency”
  • “Raising awareness”
  • “Social media posts, chats in school – teach them at young age”


What do you think of Mental Health services locally?

  • “More specialists services needed i.e. self harm and eating disorders”
  • “Not very well known but very good when accessed”
  • “A mess understaffed and long waits”


What would you like to see change?

  • “More local support and groups for families”
  • “More in depth definitions about neurodiversity”
  • “Doctor surgeries to be more supportive to help with making appointments”


What are good things available at moment?

  • “Mental health issues are being talked about more openly”
  • “Because of mental health being talked about in schools stigma is less”


Is life tough for people with mental health problems why?

  • “Yes is unseen and people don’t always get it or understand it”
  • “Where do you go to get information about mental health locally, nationally and online?”
  • ” Yes as people feel that they will be discriminated against”
  • “Unseen illness hard to know how to help as family member”


If you would like to have your voice heard and draw on lived experiences to influence the delivery of mental health services, please contact us.

Together, our voices are stronger.